Faith Academy

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Children in impoverished communities study in rundown buildings which are often inaccessible during rainy season. The result? Poor lesson quality, mediocre grades, and high dropout rates.

The Story

In March 2013 we started building Hands of Hope Faith Academy and it open the following year in June 2014 (the beginning of the school year). Our main objective is to help the poor and the underprivileged in attaining quality education.

We seek to establish an educational environment where the poor and underprivileged can succeed in mathematics, sciences and other subjects that help them fight their economic conditions. Christian principles underpin the fabric of the environment encouraging those who attend to develop a love for God.

Your Partnership

Your gift will go towards continued construction and maintenance of Hands of Hope Faith Academy. It will help provide a safe learning environment that can benefit children for years to come — ultimately build a stronger community and break the poverty cycle.

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