Bringing a Brighter Future!
Hands of Hope Faith Academy selects qualified teachers from the areas we work it. But we do need to provide extra training to increase the standard. $250-300NZD will support a local teacher and additional training for a month.

Those of us who have been blessed with the simple gift of education for our children may only be able to imagine the impact of a few pencils and books. But those who have seen the trials of children with no education know first hand . . . learning opens new doors and new possibilities.

We opened Hands of Hope Faith Academy 2014. The average wage for a teacher is between $250-300NZD a month - this also includes the teacher's wage, local government costs as well as ongoing training. Well trained teachers are vital for the school's success.

Your gift here helps give children the tools they need in the fight against poverty. By contributing, you're giving children and adults in poor communities a better education and therefore more opportunities for a better life.

Click here and support a Teacher at our Faith Academy

Hands of Hope Ministries is a registered Charitable Trust with tax exemption. A receipt for tax deductions can be issued for those living in New Zealand.
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