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The cost of a Bible is around $6. People respond to Jesus every week and are hungry for God's word but they have no money to buy one. We also supply people with Daily Bread and other discipleship materials.

Jesus' essential call was to plant churches. Virtually all the great evangelistic challenges of the New Testament are basically calls to plant churches, not simply to share the faith. The 'Great Commission' (Matt.28: 18-20) is also a call to 'make disciples'. The leading missiologist, C.Peter Wagner, says, "Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven."

Paul's whole strategy was to plant churches. The greatest missionary in history, Paul, had a rather simple, two-fold strategy. First, he went into different places (Acts 16:9,12), and second, he planted churches (Titus 1:5).

A $100NZ donation will help purchase Bibles, discipleship materials and a $300NZ donation will help purchase a portable sound systems for new Churches.

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Hands of Hope Ministries is a registered Charitable Trust with tax exemption. A receipt for tax deductions can be issued for those living in New Zealand.
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