Pastor Kem Price

Pastor Kem was Missions Director for the AG in New Zealand for the later years of Beryl’s missionary life.
Hereflects on Beryl and her ministry.

Beryl Green was a great missionary and, if taken by the impact on a nation, possibly the greatest missionary sent from the New Zealand Assemblies of God to the mission field. Her passion was Central America, especially Panama. I first met Beryl in 1970/71 when she itinerated throughout New Zealand in a little squared boxed Perfect, visiting us as we planted a new church in Dunedin. She just got out and made it happen, which was reflective of her missionary in Panama.

Later when I was Mission Director of the AGNZ it was clear that Beryl not only passionately served and sacrificed in her mission work, but she was an astute financial manager and ensured funds were properly managed for the continuance of the work of the Lord.
Beryl had a passion and tenacity to engage in evangelism and leadership training to the remote and difficult regions of Panama. In latter years when ill-health confined her to NZ, it was clear her heart was still in Panama and she constantly spoke of being with ‘her boys’

The legacy of Beryl Green echoes and echoes from the nation of Panama and is carried in the dozens of great ministers she trained, inspired and encouraged to serve Jesus fully and fervently.