This webpage is to honor the life and ministry of Beryl (Christina) Green (1927-2002), a New Zealand missionary to Costa Rica and Panama for nearly 40 years. The amazing impact of her work in those countries has not really been appreciated in New Zealand. This is partly because Beryl herself was not one to boast of her achievements and partly because she lived and travelled in remote areas at a time when communications were restricted to post or person.
Itwill only be when the crowns are handed out in heaven that the extent of Beryl’s
work and influence will be revealed and rewarded. We have chosen to present a brief biographical sketch followed by photographs, testimonies and accounts of Beryl and her ministry from people who have visited Panama or knew of her work in some way. We hope that you will be inspired and blessed as you read these accounts. Beryl’s work invites us to press into the same level of anointing she had to impact a nation for Jesus.

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Bob Holmes Bob Holmes
Pastor Bob Holmes recalls Beryl and his visit to Panama in 1994. Bob also provides the most complete summary of the history of Beryl's work in Panama.
Julio Valdes

Julio Valdes, Panama.
In 2002, after Beryl’s death, Julio Valdes, a member of the Executive of the AG in Panama, visited New Zealand to thank the New Zealand AG for Beryl’s work in Panama. Shirley Basket interviewed Julio and has kindly provided the transcript of that interview.

duane newport Duane Newport
Pastor Duane Newport recalls Beryl and his visit to Panama in 2007.
Luis Cabral

Luis Cabral
Pastor Luis Cabral recalls meeting Beryl in 1998 and his subsequent missionary trips to Panama.

Kem Price Kem Price
Pastor Kem was Missions Director for the AG in New Zealand for the later years of Beryl’s missionary life. He reflects on Beryl and her ministry.
Shaun_Buckley Shaun Buckley
Shaun Buckley experienced Beryl’s legacy while on a missions trip to Panama in 2005.