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Over the past few years people have seen closely what we do on the ground here in the Philipines and also back in our home country of New Zealand.
Winkie & Fae Pratney “Duane and Jenny Newport are two of the finest examples of Christian compassion, consistency and commitment I have ever had the honor to call as our friends. Their combined skills in family counsel and health-care, Biblically-informed world-view and genuine care in communicating Christ’s love and wisdom to others is for our own family an outstanding example of what it means to share the love of the Lord Jesus to the world. Whoever has the privilege to share in their lives and ministry will find a treasure indeed.” Missionary Internationals New Zealand/USA
Luis & Alexandra Cabral “It is such a pleasure to include here our endorsement for Duane and Jenny Newport's ministry. We have known them for many years and our ministry paths have crossed several times. They are greatly consecrated to the work of God and have an intense passion for His presence and His ways. We have seen their zeal, compassion and amazing generosity. All that coupled with the kind of ministry experience they have, will make them a great blessing wherever they go. We have no doubt that God will use them for great things among the poor and disadvantaged in the Philippines.” Founders, Wordin Season Ministries
Graham & Gina Sunderland “When you are first told of a N Z family in stable positions of ministry/vocation, packing all their bags and taking their 8 year old son with them, to live and minister with underprivileged and street children near Baguio in the Philippines, you often would ask Why?

Duane Jenny and Joseph have hearts that have seen a need, and minds that have surrendered to God’s call to them. They have responded in a truly Christian manner to reach, help, touch and introduce Jesus to ones who otherwise may never have had a future or opportunity as God had decreed it. I have known Duane for over six (6) years and have formed a friendship with the whole family over the past 18 months.

Duane, Jenny and Joe have preached in our church - and they all move in the giftings of the Holy Spirit. Their ethics, stewardship of resource and passion to see Jesus bring healing and hope to others, answers the question Why! Hands of Hope Ministries are well worthwhile investing in.”
Senior Ministers, Riverstones,An A/G Church
Seth Fawcet “I have known Duane and Jenny for ten years. My primary contact was through Cleansing Stream Ministries, of which Duane became NZ Director. Duaneand Jenny are generous and people of very good character and integrity. They have a great heart for people and have given themselves to helping people develop, grow and then disciple others.

They also have a passion to see the ministry of Holy Spirit released in churches and for believers to function in spiritual gifts.

Duaneis a good preacher; he loves teaching the truth of God’s Word clearly and with practical application.

We support them in their mission work and pray that God will continue to use them mightily to extend His Kingdom.

I fully endorse Duane and Jenny’s ministry and pray God’s abundant blessings on all that he does for the Kingdom’s sake.”
Senior Pastor, Hope Centre
Alex & Elaine Larsen “I would like to add my support to any reference regarding Pastor Duane Newport, my wife and I have known Duane for a good number of years through our involvement as pastors in the Assemblies of God of New Zealand.

Wehave had a close working relationship with Duane over the last ten years because of our involvement with the Cleansing Stream Ministry which he headed up here in New Zealand. I consider Duane to have a genuine desire to serve the Lord in what ever area of ministry the Lord may open to him. He has always conducted himself with both intregrity and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Ibelieve Duane and his family will be a blessing to any organisation or group they choose to involve themsleves in.”
SeniorPastors, Manurewa A/G
David C.Rees-Thomas “I have personally known Duane and Jenny for over ten years on a professional as well as personal level and have no hesitation in recommending them to overseas missions.

Duane has a wide range of gifts that have been well developed in terms of Pastoral Care, Preaching/Teaching, administration and has been particularly gifted in counseling many through the ministry of Cleansing Streams. He is serious minded, diligent, disciplined with an open heart desiring to see the Kingdom of God advanced for God's glory.

Jennyis highly competent in the medical world and is respected by many. She has a natuaral ability to make spiritual truth simple which is communicated through a joyful, helpful and practical servant's heart.

Being parents of one child, Joseph, is a positive example of a couple engaged in life and ministry but at the same time not forgetting the importance of being Mom & Dad.

Their faith is not one that is only lived in the marketplace but is demonstrated on a daily basis as a family in their home. They are more concerned with the needs of others than of their own.”
Founding Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Kem Price “Duane and Jenny are great people. They have a genuine desire to serve Jesus. They bring to their future ministry their proven Christian experience, an understanding of the Christian church, a passion and care of people, and a well-informed mindset to face the challenges and make a difference.

Duane’s pastoral background and more recently his role as director of the Cleansing Stream ministry in New Zealand, has equipped him to make their ministry, ‘Hands of Hope’, exactly what it suggests, a hands-on ministry to underprivileged children and communities. What I appreciate about Duane is his clear Christian convictions and transparency of heart.

Jenny excels in binding together her medical profession with her spiritual life. When I have observed her worshipping with a guitar in her hand, she exudes Jesus. When asked for medical advice, she gives wise counsel. This combination enables her to minister effectively to the physical and spiritual needs of people.

Itis a real joy to know Duane and Jenny. I am excited about their venture in the cause of Christ to needy communities within nations. I commend them to you.”
Former Senior Pastor and Excutive Member of A/G New Zealand. Now works with Church leaders in many different nations
Mike Culleny “I came to know Pastor Duane Newport through his role as the Director of Cleansing Stream Ministry in New Zealand.

He has led the Cleansing Stream ministry team for the yearly Retreats that have been held in our church, Abundant Life, for the last 3 years. Duane has also preached in our church during the weekends of the Retreats. We have enjoyed Duane’s bold, faith-building sharing and preaching. His approach to life is to lead by example, taking every opportunity to demonstrate his faith by praying for people to be healed and to receive the benefits of the Kingdom of God.

It is no surprise to me that Duane and his family are leaving the comforts of life in New Zealand to move to the Philippines to take the opportunity to minister in the power of the Spirit of God among the poor in that nation. This is indicative of the pioneering faith that is evident in his life.

I fully endorse Duane’s ministry and pray God’s abundant blessings on all that he does for the Kingdom’s sake.”
Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Community Church, Tauranga
Russell Kells “In the some five years that I have known Duane Newport I have developed a deep respect for him as a person and for his infectious passion for seeing the Kingdom of God expressed in the lives of all who have need in the here and now.

He is fearless in standing up for truth and saying it as he sees it while at the same time able to extend grace, mercy and compassion. Being a man who is down to earth, honest and trustworthy, I expect his Spirit led passion to really make a difference to those he extends his hand to in this outreach venture toward those in need in the Philippines.”
SeniorPastor, The Way Worship Centre
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