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My Trip to New Zealand

On the 27th of June 2014 we packed our bags and got ready to leave our apartment to head back to New Zealand. It’s a bit of a long journey – 5 hours on a bus to Clark, 90 minutes on a plane to Hong Kong and then another 11 hours on another plane to NZ. I don’t mind the last plane flight as I get to watch movies.

Hong Kong

On this trip we decided to book into the Regal Airport Hotel and spend the night in Hong Kong. We arrived in Honk Kong nice and early so after breakfast we hopped on a shuttle bus and headed to Disney Land to have a day of fun and it was. We did a bunch of roller coaster rides, including Runaway Mine Carts and Space Mountain and a lot of other rides too. We were all pretty tired when we got back to the Hotel. The next day Mum and I went swimming and after lunch we checked in and waited for our flight to NZ.

New Zealand

For the first 2 weeks we travelled around the country visiting various people. The highlights were seeing my grandparents and catching up with Pastor Seth and his church. I think his church is awesome, When we arrived back into Auckland I went to see Rick Pino in concert at The Dwelling Place, it was an incredible time of worship and I even managed to get a photo with him. The final week passed very quickly and before you know it was time to return back to the Philippines.

Pastor Seth

Once we got back in the Philippines we hosted Pastor Seth for a few days, which was very enjoyable. But sadly he had to leave.

My New Business

A few weeks ago I had a dream about starting a business so after Dad and I did a few calculations, we brought materials and I set up a coffee stand. The first day I was asked to move but I had managed to sell 16 cups of coffee in 6 hours. In my new location I sold 7 cups of coffee in 2 hours. The third day wasn’t very busy but on the fourth day I sold another 8 cups of coffee before it started to rain. Unfortunately as I was packing up the box with my stuff in it, it broke and I lost most of my sugar. Luckily nothing else spilled and Dad said he would sponsor me another 1kg of sugar ☺


School starts again on Thursday and I will be in Grade 7 (1st year High School). I am looking forward to seeing my old classmates and maybe meeting some new ones. My Dad has just told me that I have class this coming Saturday also… ☹, oh no!

I will write again soon.

Love Joseph

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