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It's Been A While!
Hi it’s JOSEPH

San Isidro, Agoo/building the building

In San Isidro, Agoo the kids aren’t what they used to be. They have changed so much. They aren’t snatching as much now and many more are coming and listening to the lesson. Most of them even sit still! At night many adults are coming also and getting touched by God. Now we are working on building a building for the community. We will have our meetings in it many other things. It’s going to be great as we have outgrown the waiting shed.

School/Brent day

At school I am having lots of fun. My old teacher, Teacher Kat, has just had a baby boy named Zion. Our new teacher, Teacher Libby, (from New Zealand) has taught us lots of fun games.

Last week my school just turned 102. We had a celebration called Brent day. The sight was amazing! Grades 3,4,and5 danced to a song from Phineas and Ferb called Gichi Gichi Goo. Grade 2 and below danced to a mixture of music from some random movie. Every one did something, including the faculty. It was a great night and it ended with a BIG BANG because many fireworks light the sky. My Dad says that’s why the school fees go up every year

We have just started cricket practice again and the kids are getting better and better. My Dad is the coach and he says we may enter the cricket world cup in a few years time. I think he may have been joking!

We Have Moved

Last year we shifted to Pineridge from camp 7 for school reasons. I am enjoying it here much more as there are a lot more kids to play with. I now have lots more friends and fun. I also get to walk to school, which is really cool.

I am looking forward to going to New Zealand in June to visit my friends. I'll be home for a whole month. Can't wait as I have missed my NZ friends.

I will write again soon.

Love Joseph

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