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Hi it’s JOSEPH,
At school I have leant about dinosaurs and the history of Brent School Baguio. It was founded in 1909 so it is now 101 years old. My favourite subjects are art and science. I like lunchtime the best because I can play a special type of tag game with my friends.

We play cricket on Friday afternoons. We practise batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping. Some kids are getting really good and we have to be careful not to hit the ball too far or it gets lost down the bank.

We visit Suyo village in Itogon every Saturday. I have made a lot of friends there. They do not have much stuff like toys (they have none) and they are very poor but they are still thankful for the things they have. So we should thankful for what we have.We play with some cars I bring down or just run around. My friend Brent can climb bamboo sticks and climbs up the sticks to help him climb up a big mango tree.

We go to Ambiong to church every Sunday. I play with Jay M who is only 6. I get money from Mum to go up to the little shop at the top of the hill to buy Jay M and I some sweets. This week we played with the boys next door. Their grandmother is a librarian at Brent School. A few weeks ago for the first time I saw a real pig being butchered. I didn’t like seeing the pig get killed (blood waterfall) but the part where it got cut open was interesting. They eat every part of the pig, including the brains. We bought some pig meat to take home from the but of the pig – the gluteus maximus muscle (I learnt about that muscle at Forrest Hill School).

I have made friends with a boy called Zac. He lives round the corner from us. He has a really flash hair cut - his hair is really short and he has a pattern cut into it which looks like the face of a bug. We play transformers or with other kids on the tennis court.

I am looking forward to going home in June to visit my friends.

I will write again soon.

Love Joseph

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