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I'm in the Philippines
Hi it’s JOSEPH,
I just to let you know what I’ve been doing. MY SCHOOL 100% AWESOME - I’m in grade 2. I’ve learnt so much in school and have made some friends. The teachers are very friendly too. The lower school Principal is a kiwi so that’s good.

I like my new school. Sometimes we get to do fun activities like drawing and games. We only get two brakes, morning tea and lunch . Did you know that the cafeteria sells ice blocks, ice creams and sweets. I would like to buy an ice cream but Mum and Dad won’t let me.

Most days I start school at 7:45 (lucky I have an alarm clock otherwise I wouldn’t wake up in time) and on Thursdays I don’t finish until 5pm as we have house games and a few other things.

We have started a school cricket team and my first cricket practice was good. I had fun and learnt some new skills. I enjoyed it. My Dad is one of the coaches and he says we have great potential. Maybe we can play New Zealand one day. We may even have a chance of winning.


At church I had fun and I caught up with some old friends. They gave me a wooden spinning top. After the service and lunch we went home by Jeepney. They are so cool to ride in but this time it was a little bit squashed. People were also hanging of the back. Dad is sharing the Word at this church next week so we are looking forward to that.


We had a meeting there and had something to eat. I met a girl called Ambit. Ambit cannot not afford to go to school which is very sad. I know Mum and Dad will help as she is not the only one in this village. It was very hard to talk to her as she didn’t speak English and she was very shy. We still had fun though.

After the church meeting I had rice and milk fish to eat. It was very interesting. I liked the rice but not sure about the fish. The people in this village grow crops and pan for gold. It is very hard and hot work. They make enough to live day to day.


We had a great time with our friends in India and they showed us a lot of interesting places.

We went to see the Taj Mahal. Did you know that the Taj is actually a tomb and not a palace. It was built by an emperor after his wife died. He loved her very much. They are both buried here now, side by side. We saw many tombs in India. Including the tomb of the emperor that died by falling down the stair case while reading a book in his library.

India was very interesting but also very sad. We saw a lot of poor people and people who were blind or had limbs missing begging on the street. This also included a number of children. They did a lot of tricks and then asked for money.

Well I need to go now and do some more homework. I will write again soon.

Love Joseph

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