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It’s been an amazing couple of months since Christmas where we have seen the Holy Spirit move powerfully. As you read this update don’t forget to click the links to check out the photos.

Mission in the Mountains of Mindanao

On the 21st December Joe, myself and a group of young people from our church, joined Tribal Hands Reaching Hearts and headed back to the mountains of Mindanao. In the space of 10 days we visited 7 locations. We played games with the kids, handed out gifts and then provided food afterwards. In most locations we chose to spend the night which enabled us to run an evening meeting where the primary focus was Baptism in Holy Spirit. WOW! We saw the Holy Spirit do amazing things. People were hungry and thirsty and as Jesus said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. (38) Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:37–38). The Holy Spirit came, filled and overflowed people of all ages. At the final meeting of the trip I had the opportunity to speak to 300-400 young people and we continued the theme of Baptism in Holy Spirit. After speaking we released the missions team to pray for the young people. He (Holy Spirit) touched so many people. Hardly a soul was standing after we finished praying. We are now in the early stages of planning next year’s trip. I have posted a few pictures online. More will follow soon. Click on the following two links to view photos Mindanao Part 1 and Mindanao Part 2

NZ Mission's Team

Nearing the end of January, we welcomed backed a team from Abundant Christian Life Centre in Tauranga, Tim, Sue, Robert and Janice. They were with us for 2 weeks and spent a lot of time training a new set of leaders from the different villages we are involved with. The testimonies from those who attended the 4 days training were encouraging and the smiles on their faces were evidence that the Holy Spirit was working in their lives. In-between training sessions they preached at the different churches and ministered to many others. Click here to view photos.


Jenny recently returned from New Zealand and was struck down with a nasty virus but is well on the road to recovery. Joseph is doing well and last week headed down to Manila, with nineteen other students, as part of the MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly). Participants (Delegates) assume roles of ambassadorial status of Member States to the United Nations and consider items from the UN systems’ vast agenda. The role-playing, where participants act as delegates of the country they represent, helps give them a greater understanding of international and global issues, and the complexities of the international systems. Joe got to speak several times and is already excited about attending the assembly in 2019.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

The new building is completed and being used by Grades 1 and 4. At the moment we are in process of planning a new building project, though a lot smaller this time. It involves putting an extra two rooms above the canteen, one room will become the science laboratory whilst the other one will be a meeting or board room.

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, DIMMMSU (local University) held a special program for the kids at our school. This involved teaching, playing games and concluding with a good feed. Click here to view a few photos.

Keep In Touch

Well, there is a lot more to write about but not enough space. If you are on facebook or skype please add us as we would love to keep in touch. Also, don't forget to check out our blogs as we will be updating them regularly and remember to click the links in the header of this newsletter to find out more about us and how you can be involved. Once again, thank you for your love and partnership.

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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