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Dear Friends
Another busy few months :-).
Hands of Hope Faith Academy It’s delightful to partner with Pastor Makisua and Martha as they bring different Samoan teams from New Zealand and Australia to the Philippines. Last Sunday, we had Pastor Komisi share a wonderful message on the Gifts of the Spirit, followed by a powerful altar call. A number of people, of all ages, were touched and released into their spiritual giftings. The following Monday, a team of 19 Samoan persons came and ministered in both services. They sang, danced, testified, preached and played games with the kids and adults. At the close of the afternoon service they fed close to 500 people. It was awesome. Thank you “Glory Takers”

The Youth at Hands of Hope

Congratulations to our youth pastor, Norlyn, who, recently became engaged. We are looking forward to celebrating her wedding in April 2018. The Holy Spirit is breathing afresh on the young people. There is a rising passion in their hearts to pray, encounter God, and reach out to surrounding areas to see His Kingdom established on earth. Maribeth, one of our leaders, has been sharing with her College classmates and two of them have come to church and committed their lives to Christ over the past four weeks. Other young people frequently testify about praying for the sick and seeing people healed.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

It’s wonderful to see the school functioning well. We have a remarkable principal and a lovely group of dedicated teachers. All are committed to their students and getting the best out of them. We have just updated all the kids on our website so please click here, take a look and hit the sponsor button. It only costs $25 per month and will bring such hope and a much brighter future for the life of the child and his or her family. Allowing children access to a quality education is an essential step in breaking the poverty cycle. Our latest building project is just about finished. I will be posting photos online line shortly so please check the photos on our webpage regularly.

New Zealand Visit

Mid July Joe and I arrived in NZ. Jenny was already there as she had left close to 4 weeks prior to take up a locum in Blenheim. We then spent the following 3 weeks travelling and speaking around the country, from Christchurch to Whangarei. We enjoyed catching up with so many people and would have liked to have seen more but we simply ran out of time.  Thank you for all the support, prayers and words of encouragement during our visit. We appreciate and love you all.

Keep In Touch

Don't forget to check out our latest photos and make sure you watch the video. If you are on facebook or skype please add us as we would love to keep in touch. Also, don't forget to check out our blogs as we will be updating them regularly and remember to click the links in the header of this newsletter to find out more about us and how you can be involved. Once again, thank you for your love and partnership.

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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