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Dear Friends
Lots of things happening so hope you enjoy the read :-) .
Hands of Hope Faith Academy This was the first time at running a big evangelistic event in the village The result was amazing. A number of adults and youth had been practising their dramas and dances and sharing their testimonies during the preceding weeks. The event kicked off with a special service tailored toward kids at 4pm and boy, there was a large crowd of excited kids waiting. We made balloon animals, painted faces, and introduced Vintz, our new story telling puppet. Vintz spoke about the resurrection of Jesus. At 5:30pm we seamlessly transitioned to the adult service but none of the kids looked like leaving – awesome. 

We just stood back and were breathless at the quality of the adult and youth performances and how they engaged those who had come to watch. The crowd size just keep growing and growing and by the time I got to share, there were hundreds of people. The time came to ask for a response and invite those who wanted to follow Jesus to come forward. Well the translator and I were just about crushed because of the number of people who gave their lives to Jesus. Wow, wow wow. I have posted a number of photos online, please click here. We are now turning our focus to a Christmas evangelistic event.

Missions Team

Over the past few months we have had the privilege of having a number of Samoan teams, lead by Pastors Makisua and Martha, join us for a day. Each team forms a natural connection with the local residents through worship, dance, drama, testimonies and preaching. The last team, after sharing and seeing many saved. put on lunch for close to 500 people. It was an amazing time.

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a Tauranga based YWAM medical missions team. They were an absolute joy. Through the local government officials, we arranged medical and hygiene seminars in three areas. Good numbers turned up at each venue and people received good solid teaching on hygiene and what to do with cuts, fevers, burns, bites etc etc. The team also stayed behind after the seminars for medical consultations and prayed for each person that came. The team testified on Sunday that they had seen a lot of miracles. Thank you YWAM!.

CBM Training

Last year Rod and Karen Harris (a couple from Whangarei) told us about a children’s ministry (Children’s Bible Ministry) based in Manila. CBM is actually founded and run by a New Zealander and part of their ministry is to help equip people to reach and minister to kids.  We invited a team of three to come up and run a two-day intensive seminar. On Saturday, they taught a good sized group and on Sunday morning we had our practicum. After splitting into 4 groups we went into the village and shared Jesus. That morning alone we saw over 50 kids give their lives to Jesus. It’s just so exciting to see what Jesus is doing here. We will definitely be arranging a time for the CBM team to return.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

During the first week of April we had our 3rd Recognition at the school. We graduated over 20 kinder kids and it was fantastic to see a number of other students being recognised and rewarded with special achievements. The teachers and our special principal have worked tirelessly throughout the year and, though there have been a number of challenges, it’s been a good year of progress.

We are now in another building phase as we will open Grade 6 at the beginning of the new School Year in June. Part of the new building will be a computer lab as the old computer lab will become a library.

We are needing a lot more sponsors to help with the kids’ tuition fees. Though we charge 200 peso (NZ$6) per month it does not even come close to the overall expenses of the students. Please consider sponsoring a child and help bring hope and lasting transformation to their lives. It only costs NZ$25 per month. You can view all of our amazing kids by clicking here.

NZ Visit

Jenny leaves for NZ on Thursday and will travel to Blenheim for a medical locum. Joe and myself leave mid-way through June. We will be moving around a bit but would love to catch up with as many of you as possible. You are all a valuable part of our team. Please drop me an email and let’s arrange a time to chat over a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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