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Dear Friends
We started our season of Christmas parities last week and we have another 5 scheduled this week. The fun, laughter and games have begun…photos will be posted on our website soon.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Exciting times at the school - kids are happier and eager to learn and even when they are sick they pester their parents to attend classes (not sure if this is good or bad). Our principal continues to raise the academic standards of the school and it’s fantastic to see a number of the children rising to the challenge.

During November we competed with the 12 other private schools in Agoo at the Iloko (Ilocaneo) festival. We entered 3 students into 3 different categories, Sophia - poetry, Krissa Mae - singing and Janelle - spelling. In their respective grades they came second in poetry, second in singing and third in spelling. In fact overall our school came 2nd place in the competition which is a testimony to our hard working students and the vision of Principal Elsa.

We recently signed an agreement with the College and Arts Department of Dimmmsu University. They will be helping us resource our library and run training programmes though-out the year for teachers, parents and kids. The have also informed us that they will be sponsoring one of our children from Grade One to Grade Six.

This partnership is very exciting as it will not only have a positive impact on our school but also on the surrounding village. They held their first programme with us on Friday. Click here to view the photos

Finally, Mei-Ann, one of our new teachers, just received news that she passed her board exam on her first attempt. Great effort and not an easy thing to do..well done Mei-Ann!

Christmas Celebration

We started our our season of Christmas parities last week and we have another 5 scheduled this week. The fun, laughter and games have begun…photos will be posted on our website soon.

This Christmas you can help put smiles on many faces by joining with us. Kids like April, Cedie, Bryon and many more may have not celebrated, nor even know the true meaning behind Christmas. As well the many Christmas parities we have set up a gift webpage and the projects listed here are focused on helping and equipping children throughout 2016. This is an opportunity for you to make Christmas extend well beyond the 25th December and make it a day we can remember and celebrate throughout 2016. Please partner with us and help us to continue to build upon our kids wonderful achievement of 2015. Click here or the right hand image to check out the webpage.

Church Planting

Late November we took our senior leadership team away to strategise and plan for 2016. We came up with the following tagline, pursuing God, growing in maturity. To help fulfil this vision our church messages and small group studies will take on a specific theme each month. As one leader said, it’s going to be an exciting and busy year. None of us disagreed but I would like to add the following, if we achieve what we were are aiming for it will also be a very rewarding year.

From all of us here, we wish you a Merry Christmas. Keep safe and may you also experience the joy behind this special time of year as we remember God’s gift to us, Jesus Christ. Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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