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Dear Friends
Christmas has already started in the Philippines. The local Malls are decorated and Christmas songs are playing over the PA systems. Over the last few years we have thrown the BIGGEST Christmas Party to celebrate the gospel and hand out gifts.

Christmas is here!

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

In 2014 we had an incredible 3 day celebration touching hundreds of lives. We had dances, games, a wonderful celebration service and then, because of your generosity, handed out a number of gifts. People, both young and old, were over flowing with joy and excitement!.

We are in the process of raising money for our 2105 Christmas celebrations. A donation of NZ$5 will provide a gift and snacks for one child and an additional NZ$10 will provide a Christmas food parcel for a family in need.

Please consider partnering with us a again and help bring aChristmas joy to kids and their families in 2015. Please click here to donate.

Churches and Youth

Each week as we visit, preach and teach in our churches we are amazed by the testimonies from those who are healed and from others who have experienced answers to prayer. Around 4 weeks ago a number of local fisherman were caught in a typhoon while out at sea. As a result of the storm few fisherman did not return home from one of the villages we work in. 3 Weeks ago one mother testified about her son being one of those missing. You can image how distressed and inconsolable she was. She ran to God asking Him to protect her son and bring him home safely. Over the next two days a number of the missing fisherman were found, some alive and others, not so. But there was still no word about her son. She continued to pray and on the third day he was finally found out at sea, clinging to an outrigger off his boat. Apart from dehydration and minus his t-shirt (he ate it) he was pretty in good shape. Needless to say Mum’s mourning turn to great joy! Thank you Lord.Thank you Lord.

Youth Outreach

It’s wonderful to see the spiritual growth in the young people and their desire to see others experience His love. Last month we took a youth team to another Baranagay (village) and they danced, performed dramas, gave testimonies, preached and then gave an altar call for salvation. Over 200 people turned up to watch and during the altar people were healed and saved. Our young people were absolutely buzzing after the experience and we have already planned another outreach during November.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

A big thank you to Principal Elsa as our school has gone from strength to strength in 2015. The behaviour of the kids and their academic abilities continue to improve. Our school recently completed against a number of other private schools in the Buwang Ng Wika (celebration of language) competitions. Our kids were incredible and came second in two categories. This enabled them to compete in the regional finals which was a great experience for all those involved.

Principal Elsa has also completed and submitted all the legal paper to allow our school to operate grades 1-5 and kinder in 2016. We are now waiting for Department of Education - please pray for God’s favour. The teachers continue to embrace the challenges of change as we seek to always improve the quality of education at our school.

Late November we will being to construct two new toilet blocks, a canteen and convert an existing room into another class room for 2016. We are seeking donations for these projects and will release costs and other details shortly. To see how you can make a difference please click here

We have also updated the Hands of Hope Faith Academy website so make sure you check it out by clicking here


It was great to have Sarah and Tarsha from Wellington Hope Centre visit us in August. While they were here they had a taste of a typhoon, enjoyed kids jumping on them as well as preaching, teaching a dance to young people, praying for people and being involved at Hands of Hope Faith Academy. They were received and a number of the youth are still asking when they will return. Thank you Sarah and Tarsha for expressing God’s love in Agoo.

It always blesses us and the people we minister to when teams come and participate. Why don’t you plan a trip in 2016. It will be life changing!

Thank You

Thank you to all those that are praying for us and supporting us financially. Once again we are overwhelmed by your support. Your love and generosity are making a big difference. From the team here at Hands of Hope, a BIG THANK YOU!

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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