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Typhoons / HOH Faith Academy / Kinder-Nursery
Dear Friends
As I write this newsletter we have just experienced our 4th typhoon in four weeks. Typhoons badly affect the areas we minister too as they are fishing villages and the typhoons make it too dangerous for the fisherman to fish.


Hands of Hope Faith Academy

When they don’t fish they loose their only source of income and a large number of families go without food. Adding to their stressful situation is a lot of their homes are poorly constructed and become saturated on the inside because of the wind and rain and the surrounding floods waters on the outside.

Currently we are raising money to buy rice, noodles and other items to make up food parcels. Please Click Here if you would like to help. To view photos please Click Here.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Classes commenced at the beginning on June and the new school year saw a number of changes. Firstly, a new principal, Elsa A. Ordino. Elsa is graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education from Saint Louis University and Masters in Education from Saint Louis College. She has had 39 years experience in education and during that time has been a teacher, principal, academic dean, associate professor and student registrar. Elsa’s experience is benefiting all involved, from the teachers, to the parents, to the kids. We could not ask for anyone better to lead Hands of Hope Faith Academy. Secondly, the school role increased to 57 students in Grades 1-4 and finally, we completed construction on the Nursery/Kinder building.

Nursery / Kinder Building

The construction of the Nursery was completed early this month and on Monday 13 July we opened it’s doors to 22 kids. Our teacher, Mei-Ann, majored in special needs education which means we can also help some of the children, who are deaf or have other disabilities, learn to read and write. Often these children are neglected or completely forgotten about in the poorer areas. Click Here to view photos of the kids and the classroom.

Hands of Hope Sponsorship

Adding to the 77 kids enrolled at Hands of Hope Faith Academy we also sponsor others to High School. A number of them are working exceptionally hard and their excellent grades are a reflection of their effort. One of our sponsored Grade 8 students who is in the Star Section (top section of her Grade) is achieving against all odds. She has 7-8 siblings, her living environment is very poor as the family lives in a one room shanty type construction with poor lightening and a leaking roof and yet she still manages to achieve a grade average in the 90’s. We are very proud of her and a number of the other High School students.


While we have been away Norlyn has been leading the ministry and sent frequent reports of how the churches continue to grow both numerically and spiritually. It’s also exciting to see a number of the youth getting on fire for God.

Thank You

Thank you to all those that are praying for us and supporting us financially. Once again we are overwhelmed by your support. Your love and generosity are making a massive difference. From the team here at Hands of Hope, a BIG THANK YOU!

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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