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Dear Friends
It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 months since our last update. Time certainly is passing by so here is what has been happening :-) Click here to view latest photos.

Christmas Parties

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Once again we had a great time running a number of Christmas parties and services for 100’s of kids, youth and adults. Gifts were given, food was eaten, the gospel preached, people saved and healed. It’s an exciting, joyful and rewarding time of year.

Each of our churches are required to preform a Christian themed item during the service and this year we had a mixture of dramas and dances. The quality and spirit in which they were done was astounding. Once again a BIG thank you must go to you, our supporters. Without your help none of this would be possible.


On the 8th of December we had our official school opening with he Major and Congressman (and other local government officials) as guest speakers. In fact, they included the opening of the school as part of the 436th Foundation Anniversary Celebration for Agoo (a great honour). Both were impressed by the facilities, touched and extremely thankful for what they saw. The Congressman had been thinking about keys words that summed up Agoo and the two he had come up with were faith and hope. He was impressed to see both included in our school name, Hands of Hope Faith Academy.

During the official opening we received a couriered letter from the Department of Education which included the official school permit to open grades 1-4 in 2015-2016. God’s timing is perfect.


At the end of March we completed the first year of Hands of Hope Faith Academy with our first recognition service. Kids received ribbons, certificates and medals as rewards for different achievements throughout the year. The majority of the kids grades continued to rise during the last 12 months which is wonder news. We still have some distance to go and mindsets to change before we reach the ultimate goal of being one of the top (if not the top) private schools in the area.


We are needing a number of new sponsorships for 2105 to 2016. Please consider partnering with Hands of Hope Faith Academy to . For under $1 a day, ($25 month or $300 per year) you can help provide the basic necessities we so much take for granted, like food, clean water, health care, education, and more. Click Here and bring brighter future….


Around 6 weeks ago we started to construct a new two story building on campus. Downstairs consists of a K (kinder) classroom which we are required to have by Department of Education. Upstairs will be an apartment which can be used by visiting missions teams and us. The building should be completed by the middle of May. The cost of the new facility is around $55000NZ. If you would like to make a donation toward this project then please Click Here….


During the last 4 weeks a few of our goats have given birth to 5 babies. So we are starting to gain a little momentum which is exciting. This has the potential to significantly help families financially.


Churches continue to grow in strength as people to growth in faith. Small groups are progressing well. In San Isidro most of them need to multiply as they can no longer be called small. Over the next two months we will begin implementing small groups in San Manual. A few of our leaders have taken time out each week to train leaders there which is an exciting development for us.


Jenny heads back to NZ during the first week of May to start a loccum in Rotorua. Joseph and myself head back during the first week of June as that is the start of his school holidays. During our time in NZ we would love to catch up over coffee so if you are available please send me an email ( or phone me anytime after the 4th June, 022 315 8033, to arrange a time and place.


Thank you to all those that are praying for us and supporting us financially. Once again we are overwhelmed by your support. Your love and generosity are making a massive difference. From the team here at Hands of Hope, a BIG THANK YOU!

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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