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Dear Friends The year is racing by and there is so much to report. Firstly, we have launched a new website so please check out the rest of the site. But don't forget to return, scroll down, read and enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

It was a rush but we finally met all the requirements before the deadlines and Hands of Hope Faith Academy successfully opened at the commencement of the new 2014 school year. Our current school role is 50 children (we still sponsor a large number of children outside of our school) and parents are already sharing about the positive changes they are seeing in their children. We have purposely hired teachers and other school staff from the local Barangay and they are doing an amazing job. We do required a lot more money so please CLICK HERE and see how you can partner with us.

New Zealand

We (Duane & Joseph) were in New Zealand for three weeks - final week of June and for the first two weeks in July. It was great to visit a few churches and catch up with a number of partners and friends. If we didn't get to see you on this trip then please accept my apologizes. Hopefully we can catch up over Christmas. Jenny is still in NZ working but will return to the Philippines in a couple of weeks time. On our return to the Philippines we were greeted with a lovely surprise. The Barangay officials had built a beautiful pathway to our church. You can see the pathway in our latest photos... CLICK HERE.

Pastor Seth

As always, it was fantastic to have Pastor Seth from New Zealand visit us. The adults and youth are always very excited when they hear that he is coming. He preached a touching message and then prayed for almost everyone. The testimonies of people feeling the Holy Spirit, others, hearing the Holy Spirit speak to them, and still others, sensing God's love for the first time, were very heart warming. God is so God.

Joe's Business

One night Joe had a dream in which God told him to start a coffee shop. On our return to the Philippines we shopped for coffee and other essentials and he set-up shop outside our residence. The days he has opened he has managed to sell a number of coffees. You can see a photo of his very first customer, a taxi driver, in our latest photos... CLICK HERE. The downside - as it is rainy season he has be unable to open a number of days because of the weather. But he refuses to be discouraged. School starts again on Thursday so he plans to open on the weekends and after he has done his homework.


The churches continue to grow and it's exciting to see our leaders rise up and lead the services, preach and pray for the people. People are saved and healed every week. In fact, one lady shared two weeks ago at how her mother was in pain and was instantly healed after receiving prayer. God never ceases to amaze us. Now that Hands of Hope Faith Academy is finished we can focus on entering more Barangays with the purpose of planting more churches. CLICK HERE and see how you can help us.


Three leaders have taken responsibility of their goats and one goat is pregnant already. It' creating quite a bit of excitement and has the potential to be an incredible blessing. It would make life easier if we had a few more goats so if you would like to partner with us in this project then please CLICK HERE.


Thank you to all those that are praying for us and supporting us financially. Once again we are overwhelmed by your support. Your love and generosity are making a massive difference. From the team here at Hands of Hope, a BIG THANK YOU!

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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