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HOH Faith Academy / Goats / Graduation
Dear Friends Firstly, I must apologise, as it has been a long time since our last newsletter. As many of you know in 2013 we started building a school. This has been a huge undertaking. Over the last few months we have felt a bit snowed under, as the school has created a lot of additional work. Thankfully we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

The Faith Academy

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Hands of Hope Faith Academy is close to completion and looking great. At the moment we are painting the lines on the basketball / volley ball and badminton court and building the kids playground. Within the next 2 weeks we will begin choosing kids and re-assemble the teachers and administration staff for more training. The Philippines Department of Education are very happy with our facilities and we are on track to open in June – very exciting. CLICK HERE to take a look at the latest photos.

Livelihood Project - Goats

We never dreamed of owning goats but now we are the proud parents of 4 - 3 females and a male. How did this happen you may ask? Late last year one of our regulator visitors to the Philippines wanted to help our leaders earn additional income so he donated $300NZ with the specific instructions to buy goats. So we did :-)

The Plan

Three leaders have the responsibility to look after the female goats. When the female goat gives birth, which happens about twice a year, they get to keep at least one of the kids. The female goat is then passed on to another leader. It has the potential to be an incredible blessing. It would make life easier if we had a few more goats so if you would like to partner with us please CLICK HERE.

DTS Ywam Team

Currently we have a Baguio DTS Ywam team staying at our school and ministering in the different Barangays we are involved in. The team consists of Filipinos, an Australia and a Vietnamese. The kids and youth are very excited by their presence as they get to learn new dances and dramas.


The churches continue to grow in number as people are saved and healed each week. It’s such a joy and blessing to see so many radiant faces as their lives are touched and transformed by God’s love. The Wednesday night’s kids’ service is a special place to be as you see a number of them with hands raised lost in worship.

Child Sponsorship

Once again it is that time of year where we are looking for more sponsors to help our children attend school. Education is one of the keys to breaking poverty and a number of families cannot afford the school fees. The cost of sponsorship is only $25NZ a month and it will make a lasting impact on a child’s life. Please think about partnering with us. CLICK HERE to find out more.


We have just completed the end of year financial receipts and emailed them out. Once again we are overwhelmed by your generosity. We have such a heart to make a difference by introducing people to Jesus and by getting involved in different projects to break the poverty cycle. Your love and generosity are making a massive difference. From the team here at Hands of Hope, a BIG THANK YOU!

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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