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New Zealand and Ministry Update
We had a great time in New Zealand. Thank you to everyone who made it so special. Since returning to the Philippines we have been busy training leaders, building Hands of Hope Faith Academy, Joe's started school, negotiating a super typhoon and now walking through a tropical storm. Exciting stuff!

New Zealand

It’s seems a bit of a distance memory now but we did have a wonderful, though very busy, time in New Zealand. It was great to catch up with a lot of people and minister in different churches. Thank you to all involved for your incredible hospitality and generosity. We feel so blessed

I would also like to thank Rob and Erana Oakden and Andrew and Sarah Thurlow. They organised and hosted an amazing gala dinner and auction for Joshua (the 4yr old boy who has cancer). There was live entertainment with Debbie Shepherd and her band, lovely food and both a live and silent auction. It was an incredible night and we, at Hands of Hope, want to thank everyone for their generous support.

Joshua, though there is a long way to go, continues to make significant strides in the right direction.

During our time in NZ we were also able to catch a few days of a conference with Randy Clark and Chris Gore. It was inspirational, relaxing and refreshing.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy

Construction on our school, Hands of Hope Faith Academy, is progressing well. The site is ready for the buildings, which, I am happy to say, arrived last Friday. Unfortunately we are experiencing a bit of a tropical storm at the moment. This has caused major flooding in the low-lying areas. It means a slight delay, as we cannot assemble the classrooms in such weather. You can see the progress of the school by watching a number of videos we have posted on our website

We are still needing a needing a significant amount of money for this project. Please visit to see how you can partner with us and have a positive impact on this generation and the generations to come. You can also follow our progress of the school by liking it on facebook. If you have any questions regarding the school then please don’t hesitate to contact me,


We continue to press forward and are planning to plant a few more churches once the business of the school construction has passed. A recent exciting breakthrough has been the leaders leading and preaching at the different services through the week. People are saved and healed. Excitement and confidence is building among the leadership group.

We had a wonderful 3 days with Pastor Seth Fawcet (Wellington) and Pastor Martin Spreer (Germany) during July. The people are always excited when Seth visits and really respond to his message. We love it too.


Joe does enjoy his trips back to NZ catching up with friends, eating fish and chips and enjoying the good old kiwi mince and cheese pie. Another two highlights were learning to ski at snow planet and playing in the snow when we went to see my (Duane’s) parents who live just outside of Christchurch.

Joe was also excited to return to the Philippines to catch up with his friends and restart his drum lessons. He has now entered middle school and has just been elected vice president of his class. He’s going to have a good year.

Until Next Time.

Love and Blessings Duane, Jenny & Joe

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